Dear Colleagues,

It is a great honour and pleasure for us to invite you cordially to participate in the 6th EuChemS Inorganic Chemistry Conference, which will be held on September 3 - 7, 2023, at the TU Wien. This series of meetings has been initiated in 2011 and since then developed to a true European event organized every two years. The 6th EICC covers all aspects of inorganic chemistry with special focus on coordination & supramolecular chemistry, organometallic chemistry & catalysis, magnetochemistry, energy & photochemistry, green & bioinorganic chemistry, inorganic materials & nanoparticles, nuclear chemistry and theoretical inorganic chemistry.

Ideally located in the center of Europe, Vienna has a long-standing tradition as a major conference site since the "Congress of Vienna" in 1815. Its unique atmosphere will provide inspiration for a fruitful scientific meeting, and the participants will have ample time to enjoy a wealth of culture and historical places in and around Austria's capital city.

We look forward to seeing you in Vienna.


Peter Weinberger and Karl Kirchner
Chairmen of 6th EICC